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Property And Real Estate

The property is something that belongs to a person. It can be one or more components, either tangible or intangible, of an individual's estate; or it can be owned by, an individual or collectively by a group of people or an authorized entity such as a corporation or society. Based on the nature of property, a proprietor of the property has the legal right to use, alter, s, rent, or even destroy it. The owner can also exclude others people from doing the things mentioned above. On the other hand real estate refers to a property comprising of land and the buildings built on it, along with the natural assets including crops, minerals, water. Moreover, a property also includes fixed property such as houses and buildings that also includes office rental kuala lumpur.

Real estate can be in the form of residential houses which consist of a single or multi family structures that are available for business or non-business purposes. Residences can be categorized by, how close they are to bordering residences and land. There are distinct types of houses that can be specifically used for the same physical type. For instance, allied residents can be possessed by a single individual and leased out, or even owned distinctly. The major categories of real estate include the following: apartments, multi family house terraced house, cooperatives, condominiums, semi-detached dwellings and portable dwellings. An apartment is a particular unit in a multi-unit building that consists of boundaries which are defined by a boundary of lockable doors.

On the other hand, the multi-family house is a multi-storey detached building in which where every floor is a separate unit. Terraced house is single or multi-unit buildings that are designed in a continuous row with shared walls. Moreover, condominiums like sungai long condo are Buildings that are identical to apartments and are owned by individuals. Cooperative is a type of numerous o and houses where the residents of a multi-unit complex have shares in the cooperative corporation which owns the property in which they are living Portable dwellings consist of mobile homes, tents, and floating homes. Furthermore, the term property is defined widely in different schools of thoughts.

For instance in sociology and anthropology, a property is defined as a relationship between two or more individuals whereby at least one of these individuals holds a bundle of rights over the object. Property can be categorized into the following categories. These are the real property, personal property, and intellectual property. Personal property is a tangible possession that belongs to a person. This can be either private or public property. On the other hand, intellectual property refers to special rights that an individual has over certain inventions and creations
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